Sunday, July 19, 2009

Memorable's supper. XD

Liyun ordered mia ice-kacang. XD

I'm capturing her while she's capturing her food. =PPP

Hmmmm, ignore this. LOL.

This is so called of ROTI TISSUE. Wow looks delicious. =]

Liyun is promoting her ice kacang.

Whoaa whoaaa, liyun you don't sampat. =DDDDD

Nobody wanna have it ? =[

Then the hungry ghost(liyun) start first !! XD

The pink's beverage belongs to me. Hehe.

Celine made this hole. Hmmm.

She pretended nothing happened ;

and smile to me with her guilty-ness of making the hole. =P

Another hole, from me. =X

Last and we're fast ! XD

Balloons ?

See what is Celine doing over there. =]

Conclusion, Celine is childish. =DDDDD

Alphe's talks. XD

Hello, i'm Alphe.

Yes free hug ! Hug me !

Can you see me ? I'm TINY but MIGHTY.

I'm bored. =[

I'm sleepy. *.*

Hmmm, i close my eyes.

Shhhhhhhh, don't make noise.

Finally, i get to sleep comfortable-ly. Good nightss. XD

Appreciates. =]

A sincere buddy's love from Xiaoqi, ILY =)

And this also. I like it. XD

Monday, May 4, 2009

CNY's piccccccc. XD

Uhmm, kinda old picture but now only post it. Sorry. =x

My 全家福. Muahahahahah.

We loved each other. =]

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lonely night.

so regret for having it because it make me stay energetic throughout the whole night. =.=

my messy room.

happy day.

Today Celine fetch me to Queens. We took lunch in Secret Recipi together. =] Celine taste my food and she said sour. Hahah. Actually i plan to go shopping with Celine but i met Yuri there so i decided to go skate with Yuri. Celine wore skirt, so she dare not to go in and just stay outside watching me skate for an hour. =x *sorry Celine i promise next time will be accompany u and won't leave u alone again. Eventhough she's not angrying with me, but i feel guilty. But at least i did accompany her to some shop to looked for her singlet. =]

took it while waiting for Celine to try her singlet.

this is Celine. Pretty?